Structure & Ownership

Global Re SCC "The Company" is a Barbados domiciled Segregated Cell Insurance Company licensed under the Exempt Insurance Act. It is managed by CGE International Insurance Services Ltd at their offices in Christ Church, Barbados.

Global Re SCC has statutory capital of 125,000 USD and additional accumulated surplus of nearly 400,000 USD. The company and all participating cells meet the solvency requirements of the Barbados Supervisor of Insurance.

Global Re SCC offers clients participation in a legally segregated cell in which they may participate in the results of the insurance business that they bring to the Company. They may enter into a participation agreement or they may purchase and be issued non-voting, redeemable preference shares of the cell in which they participate. In either case, the governing agreement will specify that only the assets of a segregated cell and those of the Company's core cell are available to meet its liability. Clients may be required to provide some level of collateral to the Company at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

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